Hey there, I’m John Williams

And I’m no scientist, famous celebrity, or PhD that wants to give you a headache trying to understand the science lingo.

I’m a 41-year-old physical therapist, and live with my beautiful wife Sarah and our 2 remarkable children in Del Ray Beach, Florida.

I know exactly what it’s like to have no control.

Just how a leisure drive can turn your life upside down and cripple you, your body can do this too.

That’s exactly what happened to me, Sarah and many others probably in your position.

You can probably relate to us pretty easily.

Getting together in our early twenties, falling deeply in love with no other cares, eating whatever we wanted, going on dates, enjoying life and being thin overall.

When Sarah hit 24, we had our first child Olivia.

She gained about 22 lbs., and after giving birth she ate less food, did some spin classes, and got rid of it all.

Just 5 years later we had Jasmine, but this time, during her pregnancy she gained a whopping 78 lbs.

She figured, no problem, I’ve done this before.

Now that she was 29, everything felt much harder.

Nothing she tried seemed to be working this time.

Her bulging belly after birth wasn’t going down.

And her weight nearly stayed the same for a couple of years.

She had given everything a shot.

Detoxes, Vegan, Keto, Carnivore, Fasting.

Many programs were tried: Beach Body, Slim Fast and Weight Watchers.

We even got a state-of-the-art treadmill, and it just made her ankles ache.

She would get all excited when she tried something new, and then when she started to get into it, Sarah would quit and lose interest.

After just a few days she was running to the fridge, eating a pint of ice cream doused in chocolate syrup and washing it down with a bottle of red wine.

She just had to go back to her comfort zone.

This will ensure your results as much as possible.

Loaded with feelings of guilt and self-resentment.

In a study done by Penn Journal it had been shown to take dormant Cytokine cells in our immune system and turn them into fat reducing cells.

What’s a Cytokine?

I had no idea what this was.

Cytokines are a special immune system protein, that when activated, can release fats from your body.

These special immune system Cytokines are called TSLP and when activated can aid in lowering fat in your body.

I’m happy to introduce Cytoburn, that aids in lowering your body’s fat, based on science.

Your dormant, non-active Cytokines.

The perfect mixture is inside each capsule of this patented formula of now 10 + high quality nutrients, that helps you to start lowering your fat over the next few months.

Of course, nothing is a ‘magic pill’ and this should be used under your doctor’s supervision and in conjunction with an exercise routine.

This is not a ‘thermogenic’ or loaded with caffeine to make you ‘feel’ like something is happening.

This is the real deal and contains no stimulants.

Cytoburn is manufactured in the USA at an FDA registered and GMP certified facility.

The less Cytoburn costs, the quicker we can make your success story happen.

Deciding that $900 is too much, even $600, or even $400 for that matter.

Because you took your time to sit to read about all the research we’ve done and you want to commit to a sincere change in yourself,

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You should take Cytoburn for at least 3 to 6 months, so that your body can make the active Cytokines work at their highest levels.

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